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Pinnacle Fibreglass Fire Blankets for Welding

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R 298.30
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A fire blanket is a fabric sheet of material that can be used to extinguish fires. Fibreglass is a type of fibreglass that will not melt in the event of a fire, which makes it an excellent choice for a fire blanket. Our Fibreglass Fire Blankets are designed to smother small fires and provide containment from metal splatter in areas of welding works.

  • High-quality fire blankets for your safety.

  • Designed to extinguish small incident fires and protect people and equipment from getting harmed.

  • Comes with a heat resistant, light-duty fire blanket that's designed to resist temperatures up to 550 degrees Celsius.


  • Construction Industry
  • Warehouse Environment
  • Mining Industry

Available in:

  • 2M X 2M
  • 2M X 3M


Pinnacle Fibreglass Fire Blankets for Welding

R 298.30