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Riland MIG 350I Heavy Industrial MIG Welding Machine

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Riland MIG 350I Heavy Industrial MIG Welding Machine

MIG Welders

The Riland MIG 350I MIG Welding & Gouging Machine is a powerful 350 Amp Welding Machine, suitable for all Heavy Industrial Welding Projects. The Tri-Proof Air Duct System provides better cooling and protects against foreign particles entering the unit.

With Adjustable VRD, ARC-Force & Hot Start functions, the Riland MMA 500G Welding Machine is suitable for most welding & gouging projects. Fully Adjustable control panel, including ARC Extinction Regulation, Wire Diameter Selection, Gas Purge, and more.



  • MIG
  • MIG/Gasless
  • MMA
  • ARC Gouge

Package Includes

  • Inverter Power Source
  • MIG Torch, 3m
  • Earth Clamp, 3m
  • Hose, 3m
  • Hose Clamp, 2pcs


  • Current, Voltage and Inductance Adjustable
  • Wire Diameter Selectable
  • Wire Type Selectable
  • ARC Extinction Regulation Selectable
  • Gas Purge
  • Wire Inching on Wire Feeder
  • Compatible with 15kg(300mm) Wire Spool
  • Tri-proof Air Duct Design
Riland MIG 350I Heavy Industrial, Separated - Technical Data
Brand Riland Welding Machine
Product MIG 350I
Product Type MIG/ MMA / ARC Gouge
Code 6-10RMIG03
Barcode: 6009547207600
Input Voltage/Phase/Frequency 380V/3P/50-60Hz
Amps Input at Rated Output MIG 24.5A@350A
Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle (40°C) MIG 350A/31.5V/60% - 271A/27.6V/100%
MMA 350A/34V/60% - 271A/30.8V/100%
Output Range/OCV MIG 60-350A/70V
MMA 40-350A/72V
Weight 36 kg
Dimension (mm) 550 x 280 x 545


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