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"Pinnacle Welding Online: Your One-Stop Destination for Welding Accessories and Consumables"

Welcome to Pinnacle Welding Online, your ultimate source for all your welding needs. Whether you're a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, we have a wide range of welding supplies, tools, and accessories to cater to your requirements. But our offerings don't stop at welding – we also provide products that are useful for various trades and home projects. With our commitment to competitive pricing and free shipping on orders over R500, we strive to offer you convenience and affordability.

As a prominent importer and exporter, Pinnacle is trusted in the industry for advanced welding machines and consumables. Our products find applications in diverse fields such as aerospace, defence, power, transportation, shipbuilding, oil and gas, mining, and construction. We take pride in delivering quality products that meet the demands of these industries.

In South Africa, Pinnacle Welding stands as the leading provider of welding machines. Our comprehensive range caters to everyone, from beginners to professionals, ensuring that all industry needs and requirements are met. Backed by extensive warranties and excellent after-sales service, our products guarantee satisfaction and reliability.

Notably, our Pinnacle Welding electrode range is South Africa's top-selling welding brand. We manufacture and distribute high-quality welding electrodes suitable for projects across DIY and heavy industrial sectors. When you choose our electrodes, you can expect the highest quality at the best price.

At Pinnacle Safety, we prioritize the protection of your most valuable asset: your employees. We offer safety equipment for various industries and ensure top-quality products that meet safety standards in South Africa. From respirators and goggles to gloves and coveralls, we provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for your safety needs.

With over 50 years of experience in the welding and steel industry, we possess the expertise to provide you with the best advice and after-sales service. From your first project to your last, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Experience the convenience of shopping with Pinnacle Welding Online. With over 6,000 products available, we proudly offer a respected brand in the industry. Plus, enjoy the ease of doorstep delivery within 3-5 days. Your welding supplies are just a click away!

Call us today for the best advice and after-sales service in the welding and steel industry. Trust Pinnacle Welding Online to meet your welding needs efficiently and effectively.