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5kg Pinnacle E7018 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes

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Pinnacle Citox E7018-1 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes 5kg

E7018 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes is a high deposition welding rod for low and medium carbon steel. It is an efficiently low hydrogen electrode with excellent mechanical properties; crack resistance, and x-ray quality welds. This electrode offers a quiet, stable, spatter-free arc.


E7018 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes

Many welding operators are well aware that stick welding or electrode welding is the key method for most welding applications due to the fact that many applications continue to lend themselves to the process. E7018 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes are a suitable choice in most projects as they provide suitable mechanical and chemical properties for a variety of applications, the low content of hydrogen levels assist in preventing hydrogen-induced cracking from porosity in the weld pool.

Welding operators can add more weld metal into the weld or joint in any given time than most other welding electrodes as 7018 LH Electrodes offer good deposition rates and excellent penetration and can avoid weld defects such as lack of fusion. These welding electrodes provide distinct advantages, including but not limited to, the ability to weld through dirt, mill scale, and debris successfully.


Shipbuilding, pressure vessels, boilers, piping, heavy-duty equipment


    • Sizes Available: 2.5, 3.15, 4.0 and 5.0mm
    • Conforms to AWS A5.1 & ASME SFA 5.1 E7018-1
    • All positional welding
    • Tensile strength up to 560 MPa
    • Yield strength up to 480 MPa
    • Elongation -29.4%
    • Vacuum packed

5kg Pinnacle E7018 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes

R 329.00