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Pinnacle Welding & Safety

Pinnacle 10 Litre Water Cooler

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R 7,899.00
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Pinnacle 10 Litre Water Cooler

  • The water cooler is integral with high-temperature resistant material, put an end to the slack phenomenon. 
  • Proclined water filling and outfall design make the water run easier.
  • Adopting the cooper high lift water pump specially designed for welding machines that can keep machines from rust and dirt. The pressure can be up to 3kg. 
  • Particular tunnel cooling design equipped with the cooper refrigerator which makes the cooling capacity  30% higher than other similar cooler units.
  • European fast anti-leaking connector makes the operation easier and performance more reliable. 
Technical Data
Compactable with: Mig 550, Mig 555DP, AC/DC 318P
Power Voltage (V)  AC380V +- 15% 50Hz
Phase  1PH 
Heat dissipation capacity  1.5Kw (1L/Min) 
Power capacity of motor  370W
Max pressure /Lift  0.3 Mpa/35m
Water Volume  10L 
Operation Temperature   20̊ C-60  ̊C
Weight  15kg 
Dimension (mm)  622 x 305 x 270

Pinnacle 10 Litre Water Cooler

R 7,899.00