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Pinnacle Welding & Safety

Pinnacle Low-Pressure LPG Regulator

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R 119.00
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Pinnacle Low-Pressure LPG Regulator

For use of 9kg LPG Gas Cylinders

LPG is a fuel with a long history. Our product, the LPG regulator, is one of the most important components of any LPG gas system. It's been designed to accomplish a number of very specific tasks. Among these, it regulates the temperature-dependent pressure from 400-1200kPa down to the desired 2.75kPa operating pressure for the appliance and does so while maintaining safety and efficiency. Our LPG regulator is a component for use in gas distribution systems. It minimizes the fluctuations of pressure and gas flow and is necessary equipment for the use of LPG Gas Bottles.


  • For use with LPG Gas
  • Max inlet pressure: 700kPa
  • Outlet pressure: 2.8kPA
  • Inlet connection: G 5/8 LH Bullnose

Pinnacle Low-Pressure LPG Regulator

R 119.00