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Pinnacle Welding MIGARC 165 1kg MIG-ARC Welding Machine

R 2,990.00 R 2,599.00

Pinnacle Welding MIGARC 165 1kg MIG-ARC Welding Inverter

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The New Pinnacle MIGARC 165 MIG-ARC Welding Machine features full MIG and ARC functionality in a 160 Amp Welding Machine, plus it is more compact than ever before. These popular MIG Welding Machines are one of the first of their kind to provide compact Multi-Process Welding Functions.

Ideal for the DIY Hobbyist and can handle light industrial welding in any welding environment. With a built-in wire feeder suitable for 1kg wire spools only, ARC Welding Cable Kit for MMA Welding, and a 1.5 metre Built-in MB15 MIG Torch.

The New Pinnacle MIGARC 165 MIG Welding Machine Front Panel allows ease of selection between functions, presenting you with a simple to set up plug and play experience. Simply select the welding function, MIG or ARC, and adjust your ARC Strength and wire-speed accordingly.

Let us not forget the new high-tech design, this would look good in any garage or workshop.


  • 160 Amp MIG Welding Machine
  • 60% Duty Cycle
  • Built-in MB15 MIG Welding Torch
  • Welds MIG (Gas and No Gas), ARC & TIG
  • Single Phase, Portable, Fan-Cooled Digital Inverter Welding Machine
  • Microprocessor Operation Panel for simple & precise control
  • More Compact Design, Lightweight
  • Only Accommodates 1kg MIG Welding Wire Spools

Package Includes:

  • Inverter Power Source (MIGARC 165)
  • 1.5M Built-in MB15 MIG Welding Torch
  • ARC Welding Cable Kit, Electrode Holder & Earth Clamp
  • Gas Hose

Optional Extras (Compatible with MIGARC 165):


Brand Pinnacle
Code 6-10011911
Product Pinnacle MIGARC 165 160 Amp MIG Welding Machine
Product Type Welding Machine
Welder Type Multi-Process Welding Machine
Application Commercial; DIY Hobbyist
Flowmeter / Regulator No
ARC Cable Kit Yes
MIG Torch Yes, MB15 1.5M Built-in
Spool Size 1kg
Input Voltage AC 220V ±10%
Rated Power Capacity TBA
No Load Voltage 56V
Output Current MIG: 30A to 160A
MMA: 20A to 140A
Duty Cycle % 60%
Wire Size 0.6 / 0.8 / 0.9mm
Warranty 12-month
Weight 7.5kg
Dimension 450 x 350 x 230 mm

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