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Pinnacle PrimiCUT 160 Digital Plasma Cutter

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R 46,850.00
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Pinnacle PrimiCUT 160 Digital Plasma Cutter

Digital Microprocessor Air Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Compact design: trolley, water tank, the power source can be combined freely according to your need.
  • Simple control with a microprocessor, high duty cycle, and performance needed for tough industrial cutting jobs.
  • Comprehensive protecting function: with the protection of overvoltage, under-voltage, default phase, against lightning stroke, overcurrent, overheat etc.
  • The unique air duct design: failure rate greatly reduced, extending the service life of the machine.
  • Unitization design: the machine consists of 4 unit-control units, an input unit, an inverter unit, output unit. Only need to replace the related unit power board for maintenance, any professional debugging is unnecessary.
  • With a built-in gas regulator, it is easier to set the air compressor.
  • Adopting high voltage pulse design instead of the general high-frequency pulse which can smoothly work with CNC control without any interference.

Package Includes:

  • Inverter power source
  • P150 5m torch
  • Water trap
  • 2m earth cable

    PrimiCut 160 Plasma Cutter Technical Data

    Brand Pinnacle
    Product PrimiCut 160 Plasma Cutter
    Product Type Plasma Cutter / Gas Cutter
    Code 6-100134
    Input Voltage AC 380V ±15%, 3 Phase
    Rated Power Capacity 29.2 kva
    No Load Voltage 292 Volts
    Rated Output Current 160 Amps
    Duty Cycle % 60%
    Output Current Range 5 - 160 Amps
    Cutting Thickness 45mm
    Max Cutting Thickness 60mm
    Weight 50 kg
    Dimension 622 x 280 x 480 mm

    PrimiCut 120 Plasma Cutter Technical Data

    Pinnacle PrimiCUT 160 Digital Plasma Cutter

    R 46,850.00