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Pinnacle Welding & Safety

Pinnacle Yellow Household Gloves

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R 15.00
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Pinnacle Yellow Household Gloves with Flock inner

Protect your hands with our Pinnacle Yellow Household Gloves, designed to protect against harsh household chemicals, soiling surfaces, and more. These long-lasting, natural latex gloves with flock inner are suitable for many environments including housework, laboratories, general and industrial. Ideal for protection against hot water, cleaning chemicals, salts, acids, animal fats, and other substances you may come in contact with.


  • Natural Latex, Flock Liner
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Protects against:
    • Hot Water
    • Cleaning Chemicals
    • Salts
    • Acids
    • Animal Fats

Pinnacle Yellow Household Gloves

R 15.00